Things We
DON'T do!!!
  • Cuckoo Clocks Made After World War I
  • Anniversary, 400 Day or Alarm Clocks
  • Electric Clocks, Including Quartz & Other Battery Operated
  • Clocks With 31 Days or 35 Days on The Dial ~ Korea, China Etc.
  • Clocks With Plastic or Lucite Cases
  • Timex and Other Low Budget Watches
  • Make Parts For The trade. (please don't ask)
  • Sell Parts (other than those used for repairs done in our shop)
  • Partial Repairs or Patch Jobs
  • Wood Case Refinishing or Repairing
  • Service Calls Outside Our Local Area
  • Work on Sundays    

Questions? Call or Text 847~359~1810.

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