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Please keep in mind your timepiece is a delicate instrument & requires careful packing. Bubble wrap usually provides adequate protection, providing the proper amount is used. Make sure to allow enough room for some movement in the package so the wrap can do its job and absorb any shocks during transport. Always insure your timepiece appropriately!

Please do not ship any item without contacting us in advance!

We DO NOT accept shippments from Carriers other than the United States Postal Service

Packing: Depending on the item being packed, there are several things that may need to be taken into consideration. Please contact us before shipping any clock, watch or movement.

When sending watches, please do not send any attachments such as chains, keys or fobs. Please do not send watches in their original box. Due to the volume of items we receive, we can not be held responsible for these items.

 Questions? Call or Text ~ 847~359~1810.

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