Clock Repair

    All repairs are done on our premises by Dave Stephens who is an American Watchmakers & Clockmakers Institute Certified Master Clockmaker

We have all the necessary equipment and experience to repair or restore your clock back to its original mechanical condition.

          Each component of every clock is thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All pivots, pallets and critical sliding surfaces are polished and burnished as necessary. Bushings are installed and counter sunk as necessary to insure proper depthing and oil retention. Each movement is properly lubricated and tested to insure accuracy. Depending on the complexity of the timepiece, Chime, strike, calendar & any other auxiliary functions are all thoroughly tested.

Do to the number of requests we receive for repairs, we are not able to accommodate every request. Please see our Things We Don't Do page.

Questions? Call or Text us @ 847~359~1810

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